Volunteering is only one way to support Tadlock. 

There are many other ways to support our school and help raise money.

Other Ways to Support Tadlock



Box Tops for Education



Box Tops is a wonderful program that benefits education and our school with little to no effort!  You can collect box tops of common household purchases (cereal, sandwich bags, etc.).  Tadlock earns $0.10 for EACH box top.  While that does not sound like a lot...think for a minute all of the products you are buying already and throwing away the carton.  By simply cutting the box top off and sending it to school with your little one...you are earning money for our school! Too keep it interesting, there are monthly prizes for the classroom that earns the most box tops!



Tadlock Spirit Nights



Tadlock Spirit Nights are a great way to earn money for our school, get out in the community and have a great time with the family doing something fun!  Listed below are the spirit nights scheduled for this school year.  Please see below for additional details. 

Spirit nights can also be found on the PTA Calendar

(HINT: Click the link to sync the PTA Calendar to your phone!!)



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Local Vendors



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