Are you looking for a way to get involved at Tadlock but not sure how? 


Tadlock Elementary and PTA is passionate on engaging volunteers.  Volunteers are a much appreciated and highly respected group of people who make up our education team.  Volunteers bring a wide aray of skill sets, interests and new ideas that can better our school and the events we provide.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent community member or business leader, your participation in all volunteer endeavors is essential in developing our youth!  Whether you have 30 minutes or a few hours, we have a place for you and are excited you are here!




We would love to know what your interests are and how you would like to help in the school.  Complete the Volunteer Survey to help us learn about you.  We can notify you as opportunities arise that you may be interested in.  We will have many volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  You can also refer to the Volunteer Opportunities Site at any time to find areas/events we are looking for help with.  Please check back often as we are always adding new opportunities!





Questions & Concerns about Volunteering



Do I really need a background check if I am only volunteering one day?  Yes!  Frisco ISD mandates every volunteer must have a completed a background check prior to volunteering in the school.  There is no cost associated and the background check can be completed online


I do not have much time to give.   As parents, most of our plates are not only full - but over flowing; schedules are tight and to-do lists are endless.  Any contribution, whether big or small, makes a BIG difference for both Tadlock and your child. 


I have younger children with me.  Bring them!  Think of how easy the first day of kindergarten will be when they already have such a comfort level at the school.  In most instances, you can bring your littles with you and if not, we will include a notation on the sigh-up. 


I work full time, I cannot come up during the day. There are many ways to volunteer at Tadlock.  While there are many opportunities during the day, we have a great need for volunteers in many other ways as well.  Many of our family events are scheduled in the evenings and we are always needing volunteers to help!



5 Reasons to Volunteer





1. It Takes A Village. While we task our teachers and administrators to provide enriching academics and life skills, it takes a village to create and maintain a positive and nurturing school environment. We all know #TadlockRocks but it takes some serious manpower to plan and execute events, fundraisers, beautify the campus, the list goes on and on.


2. A Little Goes a Long Way.  The big mistake is thinking volunteering has to be all or nothing.  When it comes to helping out, a little goes a long way. Start small! 


3. Everyone Has Something To Offer.  Maybe you are not artistic, or a good baker, or are an introvert...that is okay!  Everyone has something to offer...and there are many behind the scenes opportunities that just need the willingness to give some time and energy.


4. Your Child Will Benefit. Studies have found that children with parent involvement were 30% more successful (measured by GPA, test scores and retention rates).  Research shows that when parents are involved, children are more likely to:

  • Earn better grades
  • Score higher on tests
  • Have better social skills
  • Show improved behavior
  • Be more positive in their attitude towards school


5. You Will Feel Good. Not only are you enhancing your child's experience on campus, but helping others feels good and it is contagious!  By being involved, you an serve as a decision maker for our school.


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If you have any questions about volunteering or an event in particular, reach out to Kara Good at  Kara serves as our Volunteer Coordinator