Tadlock Elementary PTA Officers for 2023-2024:

President-Rebekah Grubisic (elected 3/09/23)

VP Ways & Means-Jill Brown (elected 3/09/23)

VP Programs: Cheryl Schiavo (elected 3/09/23)

VP Membership: Ashlye Hassell (elected 3/09/23)

Secretary: Noel Maillet  (elected 3/09/23, served until 2/9/24)

Treasurer: Ashlea Lincoln (elected 3/09/23)


Tadlock’s PTA Board has 20 members. Board Roster is attached.


Tadlock PTA hosted and funded numerous activities throughout the school year. Calendar is attached.


As a Board, our focus this year was to increase parent, staff, and community engagement through enhanced communication and meaningful programming. We also worked very hard this year to be more inclusive by reaching out to the Tadlock community and asking parents/caregivers to share their talents and skills with us. We are proud of both our accomplishments and how we achieved them-through partnerships, friendships, and most importantly, buy our commitment to serving the children of Tadlock Elementary. We are incredibly grateful for the parents and family members who served as volunteers and members of this organization. Countless volunteer hours made the accomplishments below possible.


Cheryl Schiavo, VP of Programs, worked incredibly hard to bring in wonderful programs and family fun events to all of the Tadlock Elementary students and families. Our students and families benefited directly from over $12,000 worth of high-quality programs. The students of Tadlock Elementary were able to experience the following programs during the school day: Frisco Fire Clowns, Dennis Lee, Sci Tech Science Labs for each grade level, Cathy’s Critters petting zoo for kindergarten, field day support and The Yuck Show. We were also able to have the following author visits during the school year: Balloon Man, Jarrett Kroszoka (for 3rd-5th), and Bob Shea (for K-2nd).  We also hosted a variety of programs and family fun events throughout the school year, such as: Family Bingo Night, Health & Safety Night, Multicultural Night, Family Literacy Night, and Family Fun Night. These Programs are so important for the Tadlock Students & we are very happy that we can provide them to our Tadlock students with the help of the PTA. 


Jill Brown, VP Ways & Means did an outstanding job organizing and running both of our big fundraisers. First, we hosted our 13th annual Fun Run fundraiser on October 20, 2023, with Boosterthon. Thanks to our generous sponsor, mBrace, each child received their own Fun Run shirt. Our Fun Run brought in over $20,000! After the Fun Run was over, we quickly started to work on planning the annual Spring fundraiser. For the past 14 years, Tadlock Elementary has held the annual Sock Hop, but the Tadlock PTA board all agreed that it was time to do an update. We decided on a, Back to the 80s, theme for the event. The event was held on February 23, 2023. With the help of incredible PTA volunteers, generous Tadlock families, and amazing donations from local businesses we were able to have a very successful fundraiser. With the sales of tickets for the event, games, and an amazing online Silent Auction we were able to raise over: $20,000! Jill also did an amazing job by creating a sponsorship program for Tadlock PTA which she used to secure 3 Tadlock PTA sponsors for the school year. 


Ashlye Hassell, VP of Membership worked hard this year to maintain and keep track of our Tadlock PTA members. During the month of October we had our Membership Drive contest which promised various rewards to the students should our membership goals be reached. Unfortunately, we didn’t meet our membership goals, but not for the lack of trying. We also introduced the ability to purchase PTA Memberships online for the first time using our new website. Feedback from the Tadlock community was positive and we are hoping that as each year goes by more and more people get comfortable using the new system. We ended the 2023/2024 school year with 255 Tadlock PTA members.


Ashlea Lincoln, Treasurer, worked tirelessly to ensure that we are compliant with the many laws and requirements of the state comptroller and the IRS, and that we are in good standing with the Texas and National PTA. She made sure that all reimbursements were taken care of in a timely manner and is instrumental in our success as a PTA. Ashlea also worked with the President to create the proposed budget for the upcoming school year. Tadlock PTA prides itself on financial accountability and transparency to our membership by having our up-to-date Treasurer Reports available for all PTA meetings.  


Amy Hicks, Arts & Education Chair, had another very successful year with the PTA Reflections Art Program. We had a total of 18 pieces submitted by Tadlock students. Of the 18 pieces submitted, 12 of the pieces advanced to the regional level. 1 piece, done by Brian Asher Muvaghar, advanced to state for a film production, Love & Kindness & Peace in the World, where he received a Participation Award. All students that submitted pieces and advanced were recognized during Celebrate Tadlock in December 2023. 


Lucy Towle, Book Fair Chair (and Tadlock Librarian), helped us run 2 incredible book fairs. We held our first book fair in September (11th-15th) using a new company, Literati. This book fair earned a total of $12,153.30. Mrs. Towle decided to go with the cash profit option which was $3,512.85 which was used to purchase new books for the library. Our second book fair was held from 3/27/23-3/31/23. This book fair earned a total of $13,710.90. Once again, our librarian, Lucy Towle opted for the cash profit option which was, $3,927.72, with $1000 for Scholastic Dollars for Makersplace which is $500 of the earnings, which left $3,427.72 to use towards the purchase of new books for the library.in order to replace worn books in our library. 


Jlyne Hanback, Council Delegate, attended the FISD Council of PTAs meetings throughout the school year. As a Tadlock PTA representative, Jlyne was able to vote on items presented during the meetings. She was also able to share important information she learned during these meetings with the Tadlock PTA board during our meetings.


Andrea King, Social Media Chair, worked very hard this year to make sure our social media was active and accurate. She made sure to stay on top of PTA events & news by posting consistently. She also did a great job of sharing pictures and videos from PTA events throughout the year. With this role, it is often required to create graphics to announce events and to grab the attention of our PTA audience, Andrea did a seamless job at doing so. 


Parvathi Muruganathan,  Environmental & Healthy Lifestyles Chair, did a wonderful job of purchasing and planting several plants & flowers for the front of Tadlock Elementary and the back courtyard. She also organized our participation in Frisco’s annual Clean it & Green it event. Parvathi also organized the Fall & Spring Walk & Bike to School Days. 


Sanniya Baloch, our Hospitality Chair, did an amazing job organizing various celebrations for the Tadlock staff this year. Sanniya was in charge of organizing, planning, and executing all of the teacher luncheons throughout the school year. There were a total of 4 luncheons this year. Sanniya was also in charge of Teacher Appreciation Week, with a picnic theme. Each day the PTA celebrated the Tadlock Teachers & Staff with goodies. 


Michelle Gisler, Room Parent Coordinator, did a wonderful job planning, organizing, and executing the two fully PTA funded parties this school year. Our first PTA sponsored party was in December for our Winter Parties. Using Michelle’s vision, we were able to transform the gym into a winter wonderland, thanks to our amazing volunteers. The other PTA sponsored parties were the Year-End Parties for K-4, and the 5th Grade Party.  Michelle put lots of thought and care in the planning of all of these events. Michelle was also in charge of gathering teacher requested items for Valentine’s Parties. 


Natalie Afridonidze, Spirit Wear chair,  worked very hard to design several different spirit wear options in order to give various options to the Tadlock students and parents. Natalie also organized and kept track of all inventory & made sure that it was ready to be sold at our first school event of the year, Meet the Teacher Night. Natalie was present at several school events, including grade level program nights,  Family Fun Night, and Celebrate Tadlock. We were also able to utilize our new PTA Website to sell spirit wear as well. This gave us an additional way to reach our Tadlock audience. Thanks to the wonderful designs and variety we profited over $1,000, just from Spirit Wear!


Our Spirit Nights Coordinator, Lorie Lawrie, was able to connect with our community partners in order to organize & set-up a variety of fun Spirit Events throughout the school year. These included: Strikz, Monster Golf, Chipotle, MOD Pizza, Halo Pizza, Chuy’s, Striped Box Boutique, Wings Over Frisco, Snowie to Go, Andy’s Frozen Custard, and Bahama Bucks. Thanks to Lorie's hard work and the generous spirit of our Tadlock families, Tadlock PTA was able to earn over $500 total from these events. 


Jennifer Burke, held the position of Volunteer Coordinator this year. Jennifer was in charge of organizing the monthly Sip & Snips events that were held after Celebrate Tadlock. Jennifer was also responsible for organizing and creating all of the volunteer opportunities at Tadlock Elementary on the FISD required Voly website. With her organization skills and communication, we were able to have a very successful year with volunteer help. Without our volunteers, PTA would not work. We thank each and everyone of our volunteers!


Marlie Tepait, SAGE chair, headed up the Diversabilities Week from 04/29/24-05/03/24. This wonderful informational week helps bring awareness to the 4th & 5th grades regarding different diverse abilities, such as ADHD and Autism. Marlie was also an advocate and provider of information throughout the year regarding various diverse abilities, which was often shared on our website and in our weekly newsletter.


Justin Schiavo, WatchD.O.G.S. chair, did a wonderful job bringing back the program to Tadlock Elementary. Justin invited fathers and male parental figures to a WatchD.O.G.S. Pizza night in September to give a presentation & explain what WatchDOGS do. The event had an incredible attendance and was a big success. In March, there were Donuts with Dads that was also hosted by Justin, which was another successful event. There were a total of 42 father figures that signed up to the WatchD.O.G.S. program this year. 76 of the total shifts were filled, which represents roughy 35% of all of the available shifts. 


Sheena Wight, Website Chair, worked hard over the summer to get our new Tadlock PTA website up & running.  The new website has many features, including, online membership sign-up, weekly PTA newsletter, Spirit Wear purchase link, Directory, and ability to purchase Back to the 80s event/game tickets. The new website has been kept up to date on a weekly basis with all PTA related events and information. 


Rebekah Grubisic, President, made sure to represent the Tadlock PTA in a positive and inclusive way. With the introduction of a weekly PTA newsletter, PTA members were kept updated on what was happening at Tadlock Elementary on a consistent basis. 

Rebekah also represented our Board and membership at FISD Council of PTA meetings. Rebekah ensured that all necessary Council Delegate information was brought to the Board and membership meeting in both a timely and informative way. In doing so, we were able to stay actively engaged in both district and community issues and share that back to our Tadlock community. 


The Tadlock PTA initiated the first Teacher/Staff Grants this year during the Fall & Spring totaling $1,000. Teachers and Staff were able to submit grant requests which were then reviewed by the Grant Committee (consisting of: Rebekah Grubisic, Jill Brown, Cheryl Schiavo, and Ashlea Lincoln) using a blind review process. There were a total of 5 grant requests in the Fall and 5 in the Spring. The Tadlock PTA was able to grant 3 of the requests in the Fall. The winners of the Fall grants were Coach Robertson, who requested reusable water balloons to use during Field Day each year. Mrs. Devore, from 2nd grade, received supplies to help make their stories into published books. Lastly, all of the 5th grade teachers received several board games that they requested that will be used during bad weather days and other times instead of using computers & to get the students to actively engage with one another. There were 2 winners of the Spring Grants, which were Mrs. Karlovich & Ms. Rucker who requested various board games, card games, and storage to encourage students to work on social/emotional skills they are taught throughout the school year. The next winners were Coach Robertson & Ms. Rucker who requested Glo-Germ & a blacklight to teach the Tadlock students the importance of handwashing


The Tadlock PTA also worked throughout the year on becoming a National School of Excellence. This National PTA recognition program supports and celebrates partnerships between PTAs and schools to enrich the educational experience and overall well-being for all students. The PTA took several steps this year to work towards becoming one of the recognized schools. Some of these steps included: surveying the Tadlock community, gathering feedback and determining an area of improvement, actively working on improving on designated areas by engaging with the Tadlock community, and submitting a final report to the National PTA. While the results won’t be in until August 2024, we are hopeful that all of our hard work will be recognized.


Our Board is so proud of what we have accomplished this year. We are grateful to each other, our membership, our volunteers, and Tadlock faculty and staff. Our hope is that our families feel we have engaged with them throughout the year, communicated effectively, and served our community of students, staff, and families well. 

Respectfully Submitted,


Rebekah Grubisic

Tadlock PTA President 2023-2024

Tadlock PTA Board Roster



Rebekah Grubisic



Cheryl Schiavo

VP Programs


Ashlye Hassell

VP Membership


Jill Brown

VP Ways & Means


Ashlea Lincoln



Amy Hicks

Arts in Education


Lucy Towle

Book Fair


Andrea King


Social Media


Jlyne Hanback

Council Delegate


Parvathi Muruganathan

Environmental & Healthy Lifestyles


Sanniya Baloch



Michelle Gisler

Room Parent Coordinator


Marlie Tepait



Natalie Afridonidze

Spirit Wear


Lorie Lawrie

Vendor Programs/Spirit Nights


Jennifer Burke

Volunteer Coordinator


Justin Schiavo



Sheena Wight



Dr. Kellie Rapp



Michelle Flannigan

Jessica Minor

Teacher Liaisons



Executive Board Meetings Dates: 

  • July 28, 2023
  • September 8, 2023
  • October 13, 2023
  • November 3, 2023
  • December 8, 2023
  • January 19, 2024
  • February 9, 2024
  • March 1, 2024
  • April 5,, 2024
  • May 3, 2024


Membership Meeting Dates:


  • September 13, 2023:

             -The Financial Reconciliation Committee met this summer to audit and review the financial records of Tadlock PTA from the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Ashlea Lincoln moved to adopt the recommendations of the FRC.  Motion was seconded and carried. Financial recommendations will be accepted as presented.

  • November 9, 2023
  • January 25, 2024
  • March 7, 2024
  • April 11, 2024

          -The 2024/2025 Elected Executive Board Members were presented, nominated, and confirmed. 

  • May 9, 2024

             -The 2023/2024 Budget Amendments were presented and approved. 

             -The proposed budget for the 2024/2025 School Year were presented and approved

             -The Tax Free Days for the 2024/2025 School Year were presented (Meet the Teacher Night           8/8/24 & Back to the 80s Night Fundraiser (Date TBD) & approved

PTA Calendar of Events 2023/2024


August 3, 2023-Popsicles in the Park-Kinder

August 7, 2023-PTA Teacher Luncheon

                          -Meet the Teacher Night

August 9,2023-Tears & Cheers for all Kinder & new Tadlock families

August 24, 2023-PTA Family Bingo Night

August 25, 2023-Sip & Snips

August 29, 2023-PTA Spirit Night @Strikz

September 7, 2023-WatchDOGS Pizza Night

September 11-15, 2023-Fall Book Fair

September 13, 2023-Popsicles in the Park 1st & 2nd Grade

                                    -PTA Meet & Greet

September 15, 2023-Sip & Snips

September 20, 2023-PTA Spirit Night @Chuy’s

October 11, 2023-Health & Safety Night

October 13, 2023-Sip & Snips

October 14, 2023-Spirit Night @Chipotle

October 16, 2023-Walk & Bike to School Day

October 19, 2023-PTA Teacher Luncheon 3rd & 5th Grade

October 20, 2023-Boosterthon Fun Run

November 10, 2023-Veteran’s Day Breakfast

                                  -Sip & Snip

November 12, 2023-Spirit Night @MOD Pizza

November 30, 2023-Family Reading Night

December 2-3, 2023-Spirit Event @Striped Box Boutique

December 8, 2023-Sip & Snips

December 14, 2023-PTA Teacher Luncheon Kinder & 2nd

December 21, 2023-Winter Parties

January 17, 2024-Spirit Night @Monster Golf

January 19, 2024-Sip & Snips

January 25, 2024-Multicultural Night

February 9, 2024-Sip & Snips 

                             -Spirit Event @Wings Over Frisco

February 23, 2024-Back to the 80s Event

March 1, 2024-Sip & Snips

March 3, 2024-Spirit Event @Allen Americans

March 4-8, 2024-Spring Book Fair

March 20, 2024-Spirit Event @Halo Pizza

April 3, 2024-Popsicles in the Park 3rd & 4th Grade

April 4, 2024-PTA Teacher Luncheon 1st & 4th Grade

April 5, 2024-Sip & Snips

April 11, 2024-Spirit Event @Andy’s Custard

April 12, 2024-Family Fun Night

April 30, 2024-Popsicles in the Park 5th Grade

May 3, 2024-Sip & Snips

May 4, 2024-Clean it & Green it

May 8, 2024-Walk/Bike to School Day

                     -Spirit Event @Bahama Bucks

May 16, 2024-Year End Parties for K-5th